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In Tune with Moon

In Tune with Moon

Are you harnessing the power of the world around you to connect to your truest self? This week’s classes dive into how aligning yourself with the cycles of the moon can help you connect more deeply with your own light. While it’s vital to turn your focus inward during yoga and meditation, it’s also essential to connect with universal energy. Everything is connected.

A powerful way to align with the cycles of nature is to tune in to the cycles of the Moon. Yoga helps us find balance––inside and out. Hatha yoga’s name derives from Ha-tha, which means Sun and Moon in Sanskrit. Ha = Sun. Tha = Moon.

The solar channel of the body encompasses the sympathetic nervous system, masculine energy, and the right side of the body. The lunar channel is the left side of the body and encompasses the parasympathetic nervous system and the divine feminine. We’re all made up of masculine and feminine, light and dark, and active and passive. Yoga can help us learn to balance these forces out and aligning with the moon’s phases is a powerful way to do so.

The moon’s phases control the ocean tides. Water covers 71% of the earth so watery energy is powerful. The waxing and waning moon correlate to universal and personal energy. The first two weeks of the lunar cycle when the moon is waxing or growing larger are a time of positive growth. It’s the perfect time to manifest your desires and use the lunar energy to support your growth and intentions. Use this two-week cycle to go for what you want!

When the moon is waning or growing smaller is the time to release what no longer serves you, whether that’s negative thoughts or emotions, relationships that no longer make you happy, or something as basic as cleaning out your closet. Think of it as a great time to purge and lighten up, just as the moon contracts to a minuscule crescent of light. It’s a great time to prepare, organize, and plan for the future.  

When you learn to align yourself with nature’s cycles, you become more in the flow with everything around you. Check out these fabulous new practices today! 

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