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The Sun, Moon, & Stars: Yoga & Astrology

The Sun, Moon, & Stars: Yoga & Astrology

Let’s put on our party hats and howl at the moon because it’s time to celebrate the solstice. Whether you’re in the southern hemisphere and enjoying the longest day of summer or in the northern hemisphere savoring the longest night of winter, now is an opportune time to align yourself with the natural cycles of the universe. On December 21, 2017, the Sun reaches its southern-most position as seen from the Earth and appears to be motionless before reversing its path. In Latin, solstice literally means “sun” sol “stands still” sistere.

Celebrating the change of seasons on the solstice reminds us we are anchored to the earth, and are merely a tiny speck floating in a vast, mysterious universe filled with other suns, moons, planets, and galaxies. Yoga is our time to connect not only with ourselves, but also with the world around us. We can capitalize on this universal pivot point in our solar system and adjust our perspective to the subtle changes and cycles both outside of and within us.

Ancient yogis recognized our bodies’ connection with the Sun and Moon.

Hatha yoga’s name derives from Ha-tha, which means Sun and Moon in Sanskrit. Ha = Sun. Tha = Moon.

Astrology is the study of how we are influenced by the stars, sun, and moon. By aligning the practice of yoga with astrology, we are empowered to become more attuned to the universe and achieve a deeper state of wellness and fulfillment.

Harnessing these ancient yet relevant principles can aid us in expanding our awareness and shifting our day-to-day perspective. For example, learn to use the power of the New Moon and Full Moon to set intentions and create abundance in your life. During the two weeks when the new moon waxes is the optimal time to manifest what you desire in your life and use the positive shift to support your efforts. Use the energy of growth to expand your own intentions. When you are seeking to release patterns or let go of what no longer serves you, tap into the two weeks following the Full Moon. While the light of the moon wanes and universal energy contracts, spend your efforts in quiet reflection and contemplation.

Knowledge is power and by learning how to employ universal cycles and patterns, we can influence our own internal rhythm.

These tools can have subtle, yet profound benefits to your day-to-day life. This week, we are thrilled to offer a unique package of classes from Geenie Celento, Yoga & Astrology: The Sun, Moon, & Stars, which implement astrological elements and support your ability to uncover a new layer in your personal practice.

1. Geenie Celento - Astrology Flow : Jupiter in Libra
2. Geenie Celento - Astrology Flow: Saturn Transit
3. Geenie Celento - New Moon Flow
4. Geenie Celento - New Moon Meditation & Breathwork
5. Geenie Celento - Full Moon Flow
6. Geenie Celento - Full Moon Meditation & Breathwork

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