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Align Your Chakras

Align Your Chakras

Feeling out of balance? Maybe it’s time to turn your focus inward and create alignment from the inside out. We are all composed of energy or life force or as we call it in yoga, prana. Our energy fluctuates from minute to minute and sometimes maintaining our equilibrium is challenging. Yoga helps us align our energy through Nadis, which are energetic passageways carrying prana through our subtle body.

Keeping energy flowing is important to feeling our best because when our prana is stuck, our mind, our body, and our emotions suffer imbalances. By aligning the Chakras from the Muladhara (Root) at the base of our spine through the Sushumna Nadi to the Sahasrara (Crown) Chakra, we are creating balance in our system. The seven main chakras, or energy centers, are located along the spine and each one relates to different aspects of our body, mind, and spirit.

So, how do we align these energy centers to balance our passive, feminine energy with our active, masculine energy? First, tune in to where you’re experiencing physical pain or emotional imbalances. Then, check out this quick chakra summary so you can focus on the areas you need most today.

Chakra 1: The Root or Muladhara chakra is located at the base of your spine and is concerned with satisfying basic needs such as food, shelter, safety, and survival. It is associated with the earth element, the color red, and the testes/ovaries. Asanas to address Muladhara include standing poses.

Chakra 2: The Sacral or Svadhisthana chakra is in the pelvis, and connects with all types of relationships, including sexual and creative ones. It is associated with the water element, the color orange, and the adrenals. Asanas to address Svadisthana include forward bends like baddha konasana and Paschimottanasana.

Chakra 3: The Solar Plexus of Manipura chakra is in your navel center and is associated with your ego. It is linked to the fire element, the color yellow, and the pancreas. Asanas to balance Manipura include twists and Navasana.

Chakra 4: The Heart or Anahata chakra is in your chest and is associated with compassion and love. It is linked to the air element, the color green, and the thymus. Asanas to balance Anahata include backbends and arm balances.

Chakra 5: The Throat or Vishuddha chakra is in your neck and is associated with willpower, honesty, and authentic expression. It is linked to the ether element, the color turquoise, and the thyroid gland. Asanas to balance Vishuddha include shoulder stand and plow.

Chakra 6: The Brow or Ajna chakra is in your forehead and is associated with your sense of intuition and opening your third eye. It is the spirit element, the color violet, and the pituitary gland or “command central” of your brain. Asanas to balance Ajna include balasana or child’s pose.

Chakra 7: The Crown or Sahasrara chakra is located on the crown of your head. It’s associated with spirit’s connection to the universe, all the senses, and the pineal gland. Asanas to balance Sahasrara include headstands, savasana, and tadasana.

Some days, you might simply need to balance everything or focus on just one. Check out this week’s classes and see how open and free you can feel!

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