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I Love You, Self

I Love You, Self

To truly love yourself takes a lot of work! We all have ingrained emotional wounds and patterns developed over a lifetime which can mire us in patterns of self-doubt, self-criticism, and lack of self-love. Yoga is one path to release what’s holding you back from what is preventing from loving and respecting yourself.

No matter who you are and where you are on your journey, you are worthy, valuable, and lovable. And accepting and loving yourself just as you are is the first step to giving and receiving love from people in your life. You don’t have to look a certain way, make a set amount of money, or achieve Olympic goals to deserve love.

Every single person has emotional wounds and scars. Often, we don’t deal with difficult situations in real time. Many of us swallow our anger or hurt and if we don’t process our emotions, they end up stored in our tissues. You’ve probably heard yoga teachers discuss how we store past trauma and pain in our hips while they hold you in half-Pigeon pose for five minutes. Maybe some harsh words from a parent or criticism from a partner occurred years ago but still create tightness in your body.

These negative feelings contribute to us feeling stuck in patterns of unworthiness. Who needs or wants that? Take some time to heal your inner child and release what may be preventing you from appreciating just how amazing you are––in this moment. Move, flow, breathe and set intentions to love yourself because you deserve it. Yoga helps because it provides the space to filter out external distractions and shift your awareness inside.

Mindful practices like yoga and meditation create opportunities to take care of yourself and give thanks for all that you do have in your life. Ahimsa, one of the Yamas from Patanjali’s eight-limbed path, teaches us to practice non-violence and be kind to ourselves and all around us. Santosha, one of the Niyamas, teaches us to be content with ourselves in the moment. Quieting the noise from outside helps us nurture our heart, mind, and spirit.

We’re here to make it easier with four awesome classes designed to remind you you’re worthy and loveable. Take this time for yourself because you deserve it! 

Heart Opening Flow - Keith Allen

Empowerment Flow 2: I am Worthy - Jackie Casal Mahrou

Love Thyself, Heal Thyself - Christen Bakken

Love More Flow - Kristin Gibowicz

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