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Flow Into 2023

Flow Into 2023

Who is ready to kiss 2022 goodbye and welcome 2023 feeling your best? The end of the year is a great time to sit down and review the last twelve months and decide what to keep and what to let go. It’s an opportune time to release all that’s no longer working for you, like stagnant energy, unhealthy relationships, and negative behavior patterns. A strong, dynamic yoga practice can free emotions trapped in your physical body and help you feel lighter and brighter.

Often we lose our regular routines around the holidays and end up feeling heavy emotionally, foggy mentally, and rigid physically. If you’ve been on the couch bingeing television and sugar, you may not be feeling your best. When we begin moving our bodies again, we create openings that help release negative thoughts and feelings weighing us down.

Vinyasa flow classes are like a long, sweet dance with your breath and help you settle into a “flow state.” Consider what helps you find that state where you’re no longer thinking about what you’re doing, you’re simply doing it. Maybe it’s skiing, running, gardening, hiking in nature, swimming, dancing––everyone is different,

but we all have those activities we can lose ourselves in. Vinyasa yoga can create a moving meditation by emphasizing linking breath and movement.

When you settle into that type of rhythm, you create harmony within yourself. So even if you’ve gotten used to hanging out on the couch more or your usual schedule has been totally disrupted, you can turn it around and sweat it out. This week features dynamic Vinyasa flow classes designed to empower you to find strength, balance, joy, and clarity.

Join us to rekindle a positive mindset and sense of well-being. Pick a class or do them all to find your flow state and carry good energy through to 2023. 

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