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7-Class Gentle Hatha Series with Jackie Casal Mahrou

7-Class Gentle Hatha Series with Jackie Casal Mahrou

Can you believe it’s almost the final month of 2021? Life can often feel like a juggling act between active vs. passive, yang vs. yin, and busy vs. idle. 

From now until the end of the year, life grows more hectic. If you’re feeling a sense of busyness, one way to find balance is by shifting to a more mellow yoga practice. If you’re accustomed to faster or more power style yoga classes, don’t worry because you’ll receive all the same benefits for your body, mind, and heart.

What is Hatha? Hatha yoga is the umbrella term for all types of physical yoga, including vigorous and gentle styles. Hatha is traditionally defined as the ‘yoga of force’ because Hatha means ‘force.’ Also, ‘Ha’ represents the sun and ‘tha’ represents the moon. Yoga is defined as to yoke or join. So, Hatha Yoga is a physical practice consisting of asanas, or physical postures, and pranayama, or breathwork. 

Gentle Hatha classes feature fewer postures, held for longer times, and an emphasis on quieting your mind. Slow and gentle yoga classes encourage a more profound focus on deep breath, which in turn allows you to relax more quickly. This slower, mindful style of practice is also excellent preparation for meditation.  

A gentler approach doesn’t mean an easier practice. Often when you slow down and step back from vigorous power or Vinyasa practices, you notice immediately that the challenge lies in cultivating patience to remain calm and steady in uncomfortable positions. You have more time to control your breath. When you move through fewer poses and hold them for several minutes, you can access deeper levels of focus and transformation. 

Slowing down pacifies your nervous system and encourages you to shift from “fight or flight” adrenaline-fueled days to a chilled-out vibe. Also, when you are in a more gentle class, your focus shifts from “doing yoga” to “being yoga.” You have the time and space to turn inward and settle into stillness. You create the perfect inner environment to rejuvenate your body, mind, and heart. You’ll grow stronger and more flexible, you’ll quiet your busy mind, and you’ll soften your emotions.

Keep yourself calm and relaxed this holiday season with popular YogaDownload teacher, Jackie Casal Mahrou’s Gentle Hatha Series. Jackie is the perfect guide to encourage you to relax, let go, and enjoy this full-body opening over seven days. 

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