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Simple Golden Sun Meditation for Emotional Strength

Simple Golden Sun Meditation for Emotional Strength

This meditation is a natural vitality booster. 

You can do this meditation anytime and anywhere. It’s nice to spend some time with it in your formal meditation practice, but you can also invite the energy of the golden sun with you at anytime, commuting, working, or even while eating or walking.

To enjoy this simple meditation, simple do the following steps. It only takes a few minutes.

1. With eyes open or closed, visualize a bright, golden sun above your head.

2. Imagine the rays of light pointing directly down toward you and becoming a direct channel to connect with your higher self and the infinite source of love and light.

3. Remind yourself that the rays contain energy of strength, healing, and unconditional love.

Whatever you’re going through, ask the sun to bring softness and acceptance.Invite warmth, positivity, and resilience into your life.

4. Bask in the light. Soak it all in. Stay in this receptive mode of the sun's energy for as many minutes as you'd like. Continue to breathe deeply.

5. Bow in gratitude.

This meditation came to me as a result of my meditation teacher training with Sura Flow and part of a camping trip my partner and I took to Port Renfrew, British Columbia.

The Golden Sun Meditation technique was one of the very first things I learned in my meditation teacher training. We learned about how to use the visualizations of light to channel infinite wisdom. The meditation was really impactful for me.

Then, we went camping in this wooded area. When the sun was setting, the light poured through the trees in a way that created long streaks of light beams through the entire forest.

It was absolutely gorgeous.

We stood at the foot of our campsite and stared through the light beams in silence for an awe-extended time. Neither one of us moved or said a word… but the whole time I was thinking about the Golden Sun Meditation from my training.

That’s where this meditation was born. I hope you enjoy it and remember to turn to the sun for energy and inspiration whenever you need it.

By Whitney Reynolds


Whitney is a certified yoga teacher, world traveler, and self-identified moon person. She's spent the last few years infusing the lunar cycles into my awareness while traveling the world. She likes digging into the local legends and spiritual practices of places she visits. Her blog and website Moon Wandering is here.

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