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Feel the Seasons Change: Big Shifts Inside & Out

Feel the Seasons Change: Big Shifts Inside & Out

Can you feel the transition happening all around you? December 21, 2020, marked the Solstice, the day where the sun stands still and creates the longest night or longest day of the year, depending on where you reside on the planet. A once in a lifetime planetary event occurred on the same night, an event astronomers dub the “Great Conjunction” ––also referred to as the “Christmas Star.” The two planets will appear as a sparkling bright light to the naked eye, shining in the Southwestern sky.

This incredible union is the planets’ closest encounter since 1623 and the first time it will be visible since 1226. How remarkable is that? What’s even more helpful is that this intense once in a lifetime experience is a great time to make positive changes in your life and step into optimism for 2021. Even better? This conjunction is in Aquarius, the sign of social change, humanitarian efforts, and justice for all. Sign us up!  

This week’s yoga classes center around celebrating the change in seasons and this incredible planetary union. During this auspicious natural cycle, we are provided the perfect opportunity to align ourselves with nature and create personal rituals to celebrate the shifts internally and externally. As 2020 comes to a close, it’s an ideal time to reflect on our goals and intentions and realign with nature. 

Carve out some time to reflect on this year. As a collective, we’ve experienced a once in a lifetime event with the global pandemic and the world has changed in profound ways. Look back, take notes, reflect on the lessons learned, and the gifts gained. Harness the power of this Solstice week to decide which patterns, habits, and emotions can be left behind. Release what isn’t serving you. Create the space to set intentions and begin the journey toward fulfilling your desires in every area of your life. For thousands of years, the Solstice has been a time of celebration, rest, and emotional and physical nourishment. 

Aligning ourselves with nature means we are going with the flow, as opposed to battling against it. Using this time to plant and nurture your intentions gives you a boost toward living your best life. Turn inward and create rituals to ignite your inner fire to manifest gratitude for your blessings. Go outside and spend time in nature––savor the evening stars and breathe in the fresh air to boost your inner light. Step onto the mat and practice yoga and meditation with us as a global community celebration.

We invite you to rejoice in this time of transition and to harness the power of the change of seasons to strengthen your powers of reflection and renewal. Try all of this week's classes honoring the sun and the stars, while you move into the next chapter.

1. Jackie Casal Mahrou - Sunrise Flow 4: Be Fluid

2. Keith Allen - Straight Up Sun Salutations

3. Caitlin Rose Kenney - Seasons of Life: Flow for Times of Transition

4. Maria Garre - Beat the Winter Blues Pranayama

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