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Feel the Seasons Change: Yoga for the Equinox

Feel the Seasons Change: Yoga for the Equinox

Is anybody else ready to lean into the powerful transition of the Equinox? Here at, we’re ready for that push of energy from Mother Earth to help us align with nature. Whether you’re celebrating the move into longer nights in Autumn in the Southern hemisphere or eager for the blossoming of Spring in the Northern hemisphere, we are all experiencing the change in the seasons. 

When we harness the seasonal shifts to empower our individual intentions and move with nature’s ebbs and flows, we can better implement our true desires. The cycles of the moon, the hours bathed in sunlight, the fluctuations of heat and cold all impact us––we are a part of the natural cycle, not separate. This world influences how we feel on every level––our bodies, our hearts, and our minds. 

Here are three ways to amplify the Equinox’s energy:

Use nature to help you manifest your dreams! Carve out some time to take a walking meditation and journal on your reflections of how it feels to tune into the changes and cycles of the seasons. Write down your intentions for either the seeds you’re planting in the Spring or layers you’re shedding in the Fall. 

If it’s Spring where you live, take your yoga practice outdoors and savor the warmth of the sun on your skin, the kiss of the breeze through your hair, and the stability of the earth beneath your feet. Absorb the fact that no matter how cold and dark life can become, the cycle of new life arrives each year. Trust that new flowers will blossom again. 

If it’s Autumn, it’s time to appreciate the leaves falling and the recognition that we must shed layers to make space for new feelings, thoughts, and experiences in our lives. Dedicate some time to shift your awareness inside and notice what is no longer serving you and let it go. Look to the shorter days and longer nights as a signal that taking the time to rest and restore your energy is vital to bloom again.

A regular yoga practice requires you to be a good gardener––whether it is time to plant seeds or harvest them. Try one of the specially designed classes we’ve curated for you this week. Each one is perfect for when you’re on a journey of transition, on or off your yoga mat. 

This week, align yourself with the Equinox and reaffirm your connection to the Earth and to everyone around you. 

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