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Feel BIG

Feel BIG
The truth is, whether its through another person or your own ego, we very likely experience this feeling at least once a day. Either emotionally, spiritually or mentally, we feel small OR physically we try to make ourselves look smaller. And the more we try to do this, the smaller we feel, the smaller we become inside. And our true Self starts to wither away. So I challenge you to reverse this. Feel BIG. Feel that you are important - not with ego, just with empowerment. Feel that you embody this physical space, this physical body, you are given. Feel that you bring in more awareness to your thoughts, actions, and where you physically are in space. The more you tune in to how fabulous you are, the more the smallness fades away.

How do you do this?
If its your own thoughts making you feel small - you aren't good enough type of thing - notice each time you think one of these thoughts and replace it with 2 BIG thoughts. If someone around you makes you feel small - let them go. This person obviously has their own things to deal with in this area. You don't need them or their belittling tendencies.

If you physically strive to be smaller and smaller (not healthier, but just smaller) then go to your yoga mat (actually, this one works well for all 3 areas). Feel that you expand into each pose. Shine through your heart center, feel the chest open, lift, extend through the fingers and toes, and just take up more space.

You'll feel brighter, shinier, and much more empowered.
In the words of John Lennon, "we all shine on."  So go ahead, expand your inner horizon, and shine on.

By Jessi Andricks

Jessi Andricks is a Charleston, SC area yoga and fitness teacher. She specializes in a mind-body approach to fitness, to help people regain their energy and learn to fuel their lives through exercise, whole foods, and holisitic habits. Read more about Jessie at

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