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Hormone Balancing Tonic

Hormone Balancing Tonic

Stress, environmental toxins, travel – all these things can cause our hormones to become unbalanced. Hormones act as messengers that send signals throughout the body that can dramatically affect overall health. Your hormones directly influence your metabolism, energy levels, emotional health, sex drive and reproductive system. So no matter your stage in life, making sure your hormones are happy is really important.

Typically, as a woman, the first place that you might notice a hormonal imbalance is in your monthly cycle. That’s why we’ve developed this tonic! It works with the body as a whole to help provide nutrients and minerals, lower the burden of stress, and help detoxify and cleanse your system. Whether you’re going through menopause or just trying to regulate your cycle, this tonic will help you find a healthy balance.

Even though this particular blend is aimed toward the women in our community, it can also be enjoyed by men as a balancing tonic. Ashwagandha can help with male hormone production and sexual health, while many of the health benefits of the other herbs are vital for both women and men.

For this blend, we consulted local herbalist Faith Rodgers for some advice. She recently opened an adorable apothecary called The Little Herbal Apothecary. She is a fountain of knowledge for any condition that may ail you! Read below for the specific function of each herb.

Raspberry Leaf balances estrogen and progesterone levels, is energizing, and can help relieve menstrual cramps by toning the uterus.

Red Clover is very high in nutrients and isoflavones, has shown to be helpful with hot flashes, PMS symptoms, breast health, and even helps to lower cholesterol.

Ashwagandha is known as an adaptogen that helps your body lower stress hormone levels. It can also help promote a healthy mood and emotional balance. It is also very good for the immune system, blood sugar regulation, and fertility.

Nettle Leaf is high in vitamins and minerals and works as an anti-inflammatory. It also has been said to help decrease blood flow during menstruation.

Dandelion Root helps the liver filter excess hormones and toxins out of the system. It contains vitamin K, vitamin C, vitamin A, and antioxidants. It can also help normalize cholesterol levels.

Spearmint is added to aid in flavor and enjoyment.

This tonic can be enjoyed either hot or iced, up to you! If you are pregnant or nursing or are on any medications, consult a doctor before enjoying this blend.

Cheers to happy hormones!

With love and balance,

Hormone Balancing Tonic

Yield: Approximately 2-3 cups loose tea blend


½ cup organic raspberry leaf
½ cup organic red clover
¼ cup organic ashwagandha root
¼ cup organic nettle leaf
¼ cup organic dandelion root
¼ cup organic spearmint

In a medium sized bowl combine all of the herbs and stir to mix thoroughly. To brew: place 1TB. tea into a compostable or reusable tea bag. Boil 1 cup filtered water. Let the tea steep for 10-30 minutes. Drink one cup per day to help nurture and balance your system. Store excess tonic in a mason jar with a tight fitting lid.

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