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Finish Strong!

Finish Strong!

21-Day Pre-Holiday Feel Good Challenge. Week 3: Finish Strong!

You’re almost to the finish line! We hope you’re feeling stronger, lighter, and more radiant. We know it isn’t easy to create a new habit, especially when it means committing to practice every single day. Whether you are fired up and roaring to the finish line or if you’re stumbling a bit in your resolve, we’re here to help you finish strong.

YogaDownload offers these four tips to accomplish your Pre-Holiday Challenge (and life) goals.

1. Day by Day: One of the biggest lessons in yoga is to live in the present moment- the here and now. Focus on today’s practice today. Don’t worry about tomorrow’s class or the next day’s. Look at the challenge as 21 separate achievements that add up to one beautiful new habit. Before you know it, you’ll cross the finish line.

2. Keep your eye on the finish line and revisit your initial intention for starting this challenge. Remind yourself WHY you initially embarked upon this challenge. What were you seeking? Acknowledge some days are tougher than others, know you might encounter obstacles that could sideline you…and remember why you are doing it in the first place. Choose a special reward for yourself to celebrate the accomplishment on Day 21.

3. Stay flexible. Adapt. If for example you did several intense classes with a huge focus on strength and you feel depleted, try a relaxing yin or Nidra or restorative class to balance it all out. Variety is good! Know you might need to be creative and reaching the finish line might not look like what you initially envisioned, but you’ll get there if you are willing to adjust to adversity and keep going!

4. It’s called a challenge because it isn’t easy. Like everything in yoga and in life, even if it sounds simple, it doesn’t mean it won’t require you to dig deep and renew your resilience. It’s in the tougher times when you have to tap into your inner strength and fight for what you want. Often, our biggest periods of growth develop out of adversity.

Part of committing to anything is seeing it through to conclusion. Mastery has been described as doing something you've committed to, even on days you don't feel like it.  Finish strong with this challenge and let this be the beginning of a new dedicated personal practice. Then, take this experience off of your yoga mat and into your daily life. The sky’s the limit!

Finish off strong with four new classes we know you’ll love, from some of your favorite instructors.

1. Claire Petretti Marti - Yummy Yoga Flow 3

2. Jackie Casal Mahrou - Ready, Set, Flow!

3. Erin Wimert - Meet me at the Barre

4. Christen Bakken - Work the Magic on the Inside

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