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Cool Down Yoga

Cool Down Yoga

For many, summer is a time of celebration, increased energy from the sun, and a more social time with others. It is the season of outwardness, from more time out of the house, increased engagement with the external world and time away from our homes on vacation. While this is the beauty of summer, it’s always beneficial to return inwards to reflect and recharge, during this season to remain in a state of balance.

Cooling yoga practices in the summer, create balance (while more heat building practices in the winter can create equilibrium). With gentler and cooler practices, you’ll be soothed into restoration, so you can focus on nourishing yourself. Inner work is fruitful regardless of the season, but readjusting the approach of how we practice based on the seasons can be particularly rewarding.

In the modern age, where it can seem we’re expected to keep the same routine 365 days per year, it can be easy to forget that as humans, we are seasonal creatures, like all animals, and are meant to fluctuate in how we do things from one season to the next. This week’s classes are particularly potent for this time of year, whether you’re feeling drained from summer, overwhelmed of what’s ahead for Autumn, or simply want to cool off and relax!

It’s also important to soak up the extra sunshine, warmth, and leisure of this magical time of year. It can feel like society is quick to look ahead to Autumn, which can include more routine on the horizon for many. While that may be real, why rush out of these precious long days? It’s ok to wind down your summer self, but let’s do it consciously and intentionally. Autumnal Equinox is on its way, but why hurry? There are more of nature’s gifts still arriving, and these juicy new classes are perfect for savoring THIS moment. As always, yoga helps us savor the present moment, rather than starting your holiday shopping list four months early. There will be plenty of time for that, so slow down, cool off, and savor this last stretch of summer. This week’s four classes will help!

We are thrilled to release our first class from the talented Erin Wimert, “Melt and Let Go”. This yin practice is sure to help you unwind and relax. Shannon Paige’s “Saraswati Hangs in the Stars” is a chance to reconnect with your body, mystic yoga mythology, and  to learn in the process. Christen Bakken’s “Soft Heart: Chaturanga Free Practice” is a powerful way to practice yoga with an emphasis on being gentle. Lastly, Jackie Casal Mahrou’s FREE class “Cool Down Yoga” ties this week’s focus together, by utilizing yoga to cool off, relax, and replenish yourself!


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