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Goddess Yoga Package

Unleash your inner goddess with this series of goddess-themed classes from a YogaDownload master, Jeanie Manchester!

  • Intermedaite through advanced students
  • Anyone who loves yoga philosophy
  • Yogis who are interested in learning more about yoga history, mythology, philosophy, and mysticism
  • Yoga practitioners desiring to take their practice a layer deeper, than just a physical focus
  • Those with some level of yoga experience

  • Challenging yoga classes that are infused with traditional yoga story-telling
  • Yoga classes themed around the unique qualities of specific yoga dieties
  • Inspiration for how yoga philosophy can support a strong yoga practice, and a harmonious life


Full Program
Goddess Yoga Package
$ 40.00
$ 40.00
Program Items
Sita, Rama & Hanuman: Unconditional Love This class starts with some flow and standing postures, and then move more slowly to the ground - great for those who want to move towards the splits, but need to move more slowly to get there.
Chinnamasta Badass Shakti Flow This is a super meditative class with little instruction, mostly Surya Namaskar, challenging asana holds of 5 breaths, and standing poses that flow like a wave - breath by breath.
Radha & Krishna Heart Flow This class with a short (3-minute) discussion around Radha and Krishna, and then guides you through a unique flow of warming heart and shoulder opening postures that build sequentially to full Urdhva Dhanurasana (Wheel Pose), and variations.
Lakshmi Love This class begins with the story of Lakshmi, and then builds slowly and sequentially to Padmasana, Lotus Pose (Lakshmi rides a Lotus out of the depths of the ocean), and ends with a 7 minute meditative Savasana.
Kali Flow - Invoke the Fire This intermediate flow is great when you want a quick practice that heats you up and asks you to let go of all that is not serving you in your life so that you may find balance and equanimity.
Bhuvaneshwari Flow - Earth & Sky This class warms your shoulders and legs up for a peak pose of Urdhva Dhanurasana (full bow pose) - a great everyday class when you want to fit in a well rounded practice including some inversions when you dot have much time!
Lalita Flow - The Marriage of In & Out Breath This class works the upper chakras and the crown chakra - this short burst of a practice is great for bringing you more peace by connecting to your breath.
Dhumavati Flow - Deep Hip Surrender This practice is dedicated to opening the hips so we can let go into meditation or savasana or any thing in life that is asking for release or surrender.