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50 min class (49:15)
$ 7.99
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Lakshmi Love

Jeanie Manchester

This class is dedicated to the story of Lakshmi, the radiant Goddess who finds her beauty by churning in the shadow and light. By accepting our shadow, our wounds, our family lineage pain we can rise to the surface and make something of our lives, we can choose to make more beauty, more light. Lakshmi requests that we respect our life force in everyone and everything.

This deep hip opening class begins with the story of Lakshmi, and then builds slowly and sequentially to Padmasana, Lotus Pose (Lakshmi rides a Lotus out of the depths of the ocean), and ends with a 7 minute meditative Savasana. Don't be afraid to try this even if you can't yet practice full lotus pose. Know that this class will give you the tools to try. Keep up the practice and you will find that your hips WILL open. Most importantly by churning in the depths of our shadow and our light, the possibility of creating more of ourselves and our gifts becomes possible.

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