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70 min class (1:10:00)
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Stream Download Pose Guide
70 min class (1:10:00)
$ 6.99

The Place in the Middle

Roger Martin-Pressman

The Place in the Middle is the place between this or that - when we have a choice between two things and we don't know which direction to go, and we find ourselves feeling stuck. This practice is about being comfortable in this place in the middle and becomming aware of the fact that you have all the tools in place to to gain clarity about which choice is best for you.

This is a challenging flow that includes lots of twists, and works to open the front line of the body through hip openers, quad openers, and heart opening poses. Through this class Roger will help you become more open with a renewed sense of clarity. You will broaden your ability to be comfortable in the place in the middle.

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