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Empowered Yoga Flow (1:01:13)
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Empowered Yoga Flow

Lisa Richards

Step into the flow of a vigorous, and challenging yoga class. Explore various inversions, advanced standing and balancing poses as well as arm balances all combined to generate internal heat and warm your body from the inside out. Appropriate for intermediate to advanced students.

Increase confidence, relieve stress, gain strength and flexibility & enjoy life! Feel the healing power and calming effect of yoga. Lisa’s relaxed and soothing approach will make you comfortable from the start. The moving meditation of yoga is an inward journey that has to be experienced to be understood. Once you learn to enter the calm oasis, your life will be transformed in ways you could never imagine. Perfect for practicing at home or on the road - all you need is yourself! Features a beautifully orchestrated soundtrack, and options for different practices.

Practice Options:
Sun Salutations for Energy
Sun Salutations work the entire body, bringing in energy, vitality and alertness in just a short amount of time. This class suggestion is perfect when time is limited but yoga is needed.

Hip Opening
Hip openers are some of the most powerful postures in yoga, helping us to release old stresses and stored emotions. Move through this option as a way to relieve tension in the hips and low back while creating openness and awareness through the heart center.

Grounding and Focus
Realign your body, mind and intentions through a short practice of sun salutations and challenging balancing postures.

Run time is 72 minutes

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