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60 min class (58:21)
$ 7.99
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Embodied Mythic Flow

Jeanie Manchester

Dancer's Pose is one of the most potent and difficult postures. It's a balancing pose that asks us to stay strong amidst our wobbly times in life. It also asks the shoulder to open deeply into the backplane. We start slow and work steadily towards opening our hips and shoulders through balancing poses as well as taking our shoulders into the backplane. Though it's a slow-moving class we go deep. Jeanie uses a strong and steady tree to balance on for the full expression of Natarajasana with a strapm as this class is offered from the beautiful Eldorado Canyon State Park on a windy Fall day with lots of challenging obstacles to balance. The theme is steady yourself as the wind attempts to blow you off your midline.

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