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25 min class (25:00)
$ 2.99
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Hip Opening Flow 3

Lisa Richards

One of the greatest things about yoga asana practice is its ability to open up areas of our body that carry excess tightness and tension, making us feel stiff, uncomfortable and also more prone to injury.

This 25 minute Hip Opening Flow is one of our most intense hip opening classes. First you will be lead through a few Sun Salutations to warm up the muscles, and then through lots of intense poses directed at stretching and opening your hips, one of the tightest areas of our body.

This is a calming, slower paced class where the poses are held a little longer than in a regular Power Yoga class. This class offers an amazing opportunity to really release and let go of our stress that is associated with tightness stored in the front, side and back of the hip area. This is perfect for before or after running, days when you are on your feet a lot, as a way to start or end your day, or any time you need to let go of the tension in your hips.

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