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45 min class (45:03)
$ 7.99
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Shakti Flow: Yoga and Dance

Deb Rubin

In this class, we are going to move our yoga practice from the mat into the dance! Through the empowering, core-focused art-form of Tribal Fusion Belly Dance, we awaken Shakti and bring the Nataraj to life. We begin with vinyasa yoga on the mat to open the hips, energize the fluid spine, connect to the core, and prep the body for dancing. We then weave our yoga directly into the dance with an introduction to the earthy, serpentine movements and body positions of Tribal Fusion Belly Dance. Deeply invoke the divine feminine, and feel energized and inspired in your body! Let's dance!

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Deb recommends using the following playlist for this class: Playlist for Shakti Flow Yoga and Dance

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