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Get Up, Stand Up: Lumbar Love

Dia Draper

Does your low back (lumbar spine) ever ache from sitting too long at work? Getting up and moving around is the best thing we can do for our low backs! More often than not our low back pain is due to the compression of sitting in a less than ideal posture, and the resulting shortening of the hamstrings (which then pull down on your lumbar spine), or the shortening of the Psoas.

In this practice we focus on both decompression of the low back and lengthening of the hamstrings. This mini-break is short enough to be done at intervals throughout the day. Research suggests getting up every 90 minutes is critical to your health (and your brain!). So get up and try it-- give your body a break from sitting and experience some Lumbar Love! And then set an outlook reminder and do it again in 90 minutes!

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