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Kundalini: Kriya for Disease Resistance

Tana Pittman

Kundalini Yoga is a unique and traditional style of yoga that combines posture, movement, breath, mantra, and meditation to help elevate the spirit.

In this Kundalini class, we focus on a Kriya for immunity. A yoga Kriya is a is considered a 'complete action' or all you will need to achieve a targeted goal. During this Kriya, you will increase your metabolism, aid your digestion, and build strength and immunity.Tana will guide you through pranayam exercises, fun movements and postures, meditation, as well as sound therapy through the gong. Gong Baths are a form of sound therapy and can be very healing, restorative, and relaxing. After Savasana, Tana guides you through a short meditation for a calm heart that will leave you calm and anxiety-free.

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