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45 min class (46:34)
$ 6.99
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Kundalini: Strengthen Your Aura

Tana Pittman

Kundalini Yoga is a unique and traditional style of yoga that combines posture, movement, breath, mantra, and meditation to help elevate the spirit.

In this Kundalini class we practice deep and dynamic postures, meditation, and sound therapy (gong) to expand the Aura, which projects your true angelic personality. The Aura is the energy field around you. When the Aura is strong it protects you, keeps you healthy, and allows you to glow with inner beauty.

Tana begins with warming postures and then plays the gong during a healing Savasana. Gong Baths are a form of sound therapy and can be very therapeutic, restorative, and relaxing. After Savasana, Tana guides you through a short meditation for prosperity.

To receive the ongoing benefits of this class and create positive shifts in your life, try a 40 day practice.

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