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Posted on 9/29/2020 by Yoga Download

Hi sweet humans, with so much change and unrest surrounding it can be hard to find your footing. Most of the things we hope are stable are not inherently stable at all. I've always found the most relief and solid footing in things that are True rather than things that sound good or feel good in the moment. The times that I have found those Truths were when I was the most devastated... whether that was because of relational pain, monetary stress or overpowering grief. The vulnerability can make us more interested in a spiritual pathway. One of the spiritual teachers that I turn to when I need a strong dose of the Truth is Pema Chödrön. Perhaps these words from her book The Wisdom of No Escape will strike you as they did me when a student shared them with me recently, as a no B.S. reminder that my footing is slippery unless it is placed wisely in the inner ground of my perception.

“...Everywhere you are is the center of the world. You’re always standing in the middle of sacred space, standing in the middle of the circle. ...Perhaps through this simple practice of paying attention - giving loving kindness to your speech and your actions and the movements of your mind - you begin to realize that you’re always standing in the middle of a sacred circle, and that’s your whole life. This room is not the sacred circle. ...Wherever you go for the rest of your life, you’re always in the middle of the universe and the circle is always around you. Everyone who walks up to you has entered that sacred space, and it’s not an accident. Whatever comes into the space is there to teach you.” 

This sacred space exists both within you and surrounding you. Yoga practice has the power to reconnect you to the sacred space within which makes it far more likely you will recognize your surroundings as sacred too. Here are some practices that will help you stand in the middle of a sacred circle that is always around you. Seasons of Life: Flow for Times of Transition, Backbends for Dusting of the Heart, Inner Strength: Yin Yoga for Self-Trust, Tree Meditation and Yin Yoga for Longevity. 

With gratitude,
Caitlin Rose 

Who is someone you really admire and why?

Pema Chödrön is a spiritual teacher that I deeply admire, and although I have not met her, I feel profoundly grateful for her books and dharma lectures. She tells it to you how it is and shares humorous and moving stories from her life experience. She is extraordinary in her dedication to Tibetan Buddhism and ability to speak and write with honesty. Thanks to her many books and online courses her wisdom is accessible to many. If you're looking for a spiritual companion to guide you this Fall, I highly recommend spending a little time each day to read or listen to Pema Chödrön.




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