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Kombucha Sangria. Cocktail & Mocktail Recipe
Kombucha Sangria. Cocktail & Mocktail Recipe
With this super easy cocktail recipe, we’ve got you covered. It takes about 10 minutes to make and is so delicious and refreshing your guests will never guess just how easy it is! It also features our all-time favorite kombucha, Rowdy Mermaid! They have tons of delicious flavors, and their formula is much lower in sugar than other kombuchas. With the addition of fresh peach slices and raspberries, this cocktail is a celebration of the bounty of summer. Plus, this is a great cocktail for those of you who need a lower sugar option. If you’re looking for a great selection of low sugar wines, check out Dry Farm Wines. We love that they curate wines specifically to make sure they are both high quality and low sugar. We enjoy the challenge of giving a traditional cocktail, like this one, an 80:20 spin!