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Strive for Balance

Strive for Balance

To be in balance, is to have space for celebration and hard work, solitude and community, aspirations and contentment. How do we find the equilibrium for life's polarities? Going within through yoga and meditation to inquire what a unique balanced life means to each of us is a starting point. This self-inquiry can also reveal what parts of our life or daily actions, bring us further out of balance.

Every one of us has a unique point of balance. For many of us, modern life can often feel like a juggling act between work, family, finances, health, social life, and more. Carving out quality time to take care of yourself and doing the things that bring you to a more balanced state can seem daunting during busy times. However, it's usually in these moments of high demand, that staying in balance is even more important than times of ease. Yoga and meditation have the power to not only discover what our unique balance point is, but also to live it. Make time for these practices when you are feeling out of balance. From a place of balance, you're far more likely to perform at higher levels in your career, feel more present and at ease with the people you love, and enjoy your life more. 

Of course, our balancing point is never perfect and always changing, therefore it takes maintenance to stay in equilibrium. Things and people that once brought balance and joy, may no longer. While it can be challenging to adjust to the inevitable changes of being human, and inevitable moments of feeling unbalanced, you have the power to create balance every day. It is possible with awareness, desire, and right actions. We don't find a state of balance and simply remain there for our entire lives without effort. The journey is what keeps the process interesting and engaging. If you're feeling balanced, stay committed to what's keeping you here. If you're feeling unbalanced, commit to doing things you know bring you to a more harmonious state. You can do it and you deserve balance in your world. All of us do. 

That's why, this week, we're bringing you four classes of diverse backgrounds, for an offering of practices to balance your mind, strengthen your body, and connect to your spirit. Mark Morford's Absolution Flow: Sun & Moon, is a vinyasa practice that delicately balances effort and ease throughout a challenging and feel-good physical practice. Claire Petretti Marti's Yin / Yang Balancing Flow will make you sweat, before taking you on an inward journey to unwind and relax. Guru Jagat's Cardio Kundalini 2 : Yoga to Balance the Emotional Body (available to stream for FREE), is a unique offering that will bring a state of emotional stability, spiritual alignment, and an energetic reset. Ben Davis' Fitness n' Yoga : Balance and Gratitude class, rounds out this week's classes, with a physically demanding practice to bring balance to your yoga practice by emphasizing strength, cardio, and flexibility.

Cultivating inner balance, creates a ripple effect, that creates balance in your outer world. This week's classes provide an opportunity for you to create this for yourself! Enjoy!


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