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During this time that began in August (before Burning Man for me personally and I’m sure for others at that gathering), I’ve been witness to a huge cleanse, epic transformations, upheavals, intense realizations, and brave leaps forward by so many. And for me personally, well let’s just say that there have been radical shifts that would put an earthquake to shame. 

There are many places I’m sure we could go after all that, but really, we must choose balance. 

Let me say that again … We must choose balance.  I say that deliberately because it is your choice and you know that, I know you do. 

When I reviewed the astrological orchestra and then realized, (as if it could be any other way), that Navratri began just after the New Moon, I literally dropped to my knees and gave thanks. 


Let me start here: 

This New Moon in Libra is all about balance; specifically balance in relationships.  And in case you forgot, you have relationships all over the place:  with others, with your past, with your parents, with your job, with yourself, with money, with the Earth, and even with your choices.  Name it, you’re in relationship all the time.  And this New Moon is asking you to bring into balance what has been off “karmic kilter” for quite some time.  All that shakedown that came before this moment, what was that all about? It’s all been preparing you for this moment.

The one where truth resides, where compassion lives, where abundance is obvious, where love wins, and where you exhale and listen to your intuitive knowing; feeling that deep resonance with all that is.  

Sounds very prophetic doesn’t it? Well it’s true. 


Now follow me here, let me take this to the next step: 

For a moment, think about all the people on this planet now, celebrating Navratri, the worship of the Divine Feminine in all her forms.  They are praying, fasting, celebrating, chanting, yoga-ing, talking about, and maybe for the first time, recognizing the radiance of the Divine Feminine.  They are receiving the energy of the Great Mother by bowing to her greatness. So even if none of this resonates with you personally, it’s happening and it’s powerful beyond our thinking mind. 

Trust me on this one please.

The truth is that our world has been out of balance for a very, very long time.  The story, as it is told in many traditions and lineages, has talked about patriarchal rule and how it has created our now seemingly insurmountable issues. 

I personally love the story about Shiva and Sati and how she promises to marry Shiva and help create the World, but only if she is always honored and respected for her power.  The moment the “powers that be” forget who she is and disregard her power and try to take over, she leaves her body.  Shiva is pissed off and begins careening through the world, with her broken physical form, spewing obscenities and everywhere he goes, major earth tragedies begin happening. 

Saturn comes in and begins dropping pieces of Sati’s body to the Earth in the hopes of stopping Shiva from complete destruction.  According to this story, which I love, where Sati’s body landed, we now experience major vortexes, magical geography, and deep connection with the Divine Feminine because this is where She resides.

So I ask you now … how has that changed from whatever lineage you believe in, whatever text you want to read from, how has that changed?  Have we not been overruled by old, out dated, patriarchal ideals and concepts?  Has the feminine not been disrespected, under valued, and in many cases, manipulated for some type of consumption or greed? 

The answer is yes, yes it has.  And the time is now to stop.  The time is now to make changes, big or small, it doesn’t matter, just make a change. 


Admittedly, change is happening and it’s happening at a pretty quick rate, which makes me so happy.  I see it mostly in amazing, vulnerable, authentic, available men who recognize the beauty of the Divine and are excited to talk about it.  I see it in women coming together in circle and supporting each other.  I see it in an overall sense of receiving … allowing … accepting … unconditional loving. 

And now, in this moment, the planets, the stars, the Moon, and the energy of the Divine Feminine herself is asking us to please find balance.  And to please do it now.

And to some, that sounds and feels overwhelming.  I mean, with all the “issues” we are currently experiencing, how can one person possibly bring anything into balance.  It’s seemingly too much. 


Now let me take you here:

What if you could, for a moment, believe in the truth of a holographic Universe?  Meaning that every single thing you were experiencing and witnessing was a mere reflection of yourself and how you “relate” in the world?  What if that were true?

Which it is.

Then can you maybe just take a moment in silence and truly recognize the truth of what is imbalance in your own life?  Can you really look at the dark shadows of your life and admit that you have the power to create balance for yourself?  See and begin to shift the ways in which you push and force, and disallow love, harmony, spirit to create FOR you? 

Can you sit in receptivity for a hot minute and drink in the beauty of what is occurring?  Can you welcome the idea that change is necessary and that maybe we needn’t be doing so much and maybe we should be okay with receiving?  And heart knowing?  And intuitive guidance?

That’s what it’s going to take.  A swift turn to the heart to experience this balance.  By all of us.  Together as one. 

How … you ask?  Well first off, we needn’t ever ask how.  But if you need something, a check list of sorts …. Here you go:   



Revel in nature

Say yes


Love … unapologetically

Forgive … and mean it

BE the energy of the Divine

Honor Her ….

Honor your mother, your wife, your daughter, and honor the feminine that resides in every single man on this planet.  Because guess what?  From what I’m hearing … a lot of them are wanting to shift, but they are so damn afraid of disappointing us.  They know … on a deep level they know, that we are the Shakti of creation.  And they too have been emasculated by our own imbalance of masculine energy.

There’s no manual on how to do this differently!  They can only go into the heart where many of them, and the ones before them, have never even traveled to.  Where many of them were hurt and told to fight, and consume, and gain, and win instead of love.

Support them with your loving grace. Hold them in times of transformation.  And love them for trying. 

This is where balance will happen. In your home.  In the way you love. In the way you receive.  In the way you acknowledge all phases of the Divine within yourself.

Your fierce compassion (Durga)

Your infinite generosity (Lakshmi)

Your intuitive guidance (Saraswati)

This practice is more than postures sequenced together to create a class.  This is about moving your body in time with the rhythm of the Universe. And it’s happening … with or without you, it’s happening. 

By Dana Damara

“My passion on the mat is proper alignment, powerful breath and effortless flow so you feel that off your mat. Your practice becomes sacred space where you arrive to find more meaning, depth, authenticity and integrity in your life."

- Dana Damara: mother, author, yoga instructor, speaker and yogini.

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