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Flow Out of Autopilot
Flow Out of Autopilot

In certain situations, running on autopilot works. Cleaning the house, washing your car, chopping vegetables—no need to analyze a thing. In the rest of our lives, learning to pay exquisite attention to the guidance from our minds and hearts can only elevate our experience. Developing this consciousness on our yoga mats, then living it off our yoga mats can lead to a powerful shift.

Yoga and other creative, brain-stimulating activities help us break 'autopilot' consciousness by moving in new, challenging ways and creating a mind-body relationship. In fact, they actually help you hone your ability to focus and then perform better when you engage in activities with more repetitive motions, like skiing and snowboarding. 

Two new classes from Claire Petretti Marti, Sharpen Your Edge: Skier Flow and Power Up for Powder Days: Snowboarder Flow were developed to enhance every level of your performance. Concentrating on creating strength and flexibility both inside and out for these specific sports allows you to find your flow on the slopes. 

Ben Davis’ new Fitness 'n' Yoga + Weights: Boxing Class is an excellent class when you want to gain strength and dexterity with a mind-body twist. This isn’t just a workout, it’s an exercise in sharpening both your physical and your mental agility.

For an overall practice with a bhakti twist, try Christen Bakken's Flow Out of Autopilot. Emerge from any rut you might be stuck in with her creative and conscious instruction.

Take the opportunity this week to shine the light of your awareness on your habits. Mindfulness is the first step in creating a shift. Practice on the mat with us and then share your awareness with the world. 



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