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Ease into the Holidays with Meditation

Ease into the Holidays with Meditation
Honestly, I am not always the greatest at sticking with meditation. However, having a challenge to meet and a group to help guide me will give me the motivation to keep going. When I do mediate regularly, I feel more at ease and a bit lighter through my mind – like some of the mental baggage has been checked and returned.

So try this meditation, join in the challenge, and find a more refreshed you just in time to feel energized for the holidays.
This meditation is made up of a centering thought, “Today, I behold all the abundance that surrounds me”, as well as a mantra "So Hum" (I am).

Take a few moments (maybe even just five minutes). Sit quietly and comfortable, with a tall spine. Take 5 deep, even breaths. Think to yourself “Today I behold all the abundance that surrounds me,” five times.

Imagine yourself creating and drawing in that which is abundant to you. Then simply start to focus on the breath again, 5 deep and even breaths. Slowly and silently repeat to yourself “So” (as you inhale) and, “Hum” (as you exhale). You can also replace “So Hum,” with “I am,” if that jives better with you.

So as the holiday season gets busy and starts to become more weary than wonderful, try meditation to find a little peace (and peace of mind).

Feel free to share your experiences or challenges in the comments box below.

By Jessi Andricks

Jessi Andricks is a Charleston, SC area yoga and fitness teacher. She specializes in a mind-body approach to fitness, to help people regain their energy and learn to fuel their lives through exercise, whole foods, and holisitic habits. Read more about Jessie at

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