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Stir Your Shakti! Grooves To Light Up Your Life

Stir Your Shakti! Grooves To Light Up Your Life

Shakti is the creative energy of the universe and exists both inside and outside of us. In Hindu philosophy, Shakti means divine female energy. We all have a combination of the feminine Shakti and Shiva, or masculine energy.

The goddess Shakti is constantly moving, changing, transforming and is often referred to as Prakriti. Her counterpart, Shiva, often referred to as Purusha, represents stability or the unmoving.

By tapping into your own Shakti, you empower yourself to be your most creative self, and to make changes that help you become the best version of yourself. Magnifying the power of change within unifies us with the universe around us. When we’re in tune with nature and the natural flow of the world, we feel more vital, energetic and spiritually in tune. Deb Rubin’s Shakti Flow: Yoga & Dance will get you moving!

A Shakti-focused yoga practice emphasizes flowing, almost dance-like movements. Digging into the core and creating heat in our navel chakra or center builds heat to encourage change. Try Nothing But Core by Claire Petretti Marti to see what we mean.

Focus on fluidity, grace, and power not just in the asana, but also with pranayama or controlling one’s breath. Choosing a mantra or mantras dedicated to manifesting the change we wish to see in our lives is another important element of a Shakti yoga practice. Mark Morford’s Firestarter will shake up your routine and maybe even your life!

Courage comes when we act despite any fear. Move your personal blocks with Kristen Gibowicz’s Courageous Flow.

Try one of this week’s classes to see how luminous and alive you can feel. If you don’t have time for a full class, try dancing around your living room and let your inner glow shine!


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