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Celebrate Simplicity: Achieving Balance Through Hatha

Celebrate Simplicity: Achieving Balance Through Hatha

In the end, however, we’re all on the same path— just with distinct approaches. The key is finding one that resonates most with you and simply enjoying the journey. It is the path that you wish to follow, perhaps even feel compelled to follow.

Balancing polarities is what yoga is all about. That is, the essence of hatha yoga can be to simply build awareness to finding what style of yoga works best for you.

In regard to yoga practitioners, influential hatha yoga teacher T.K.S. Desikachar states:

"…they are all dealing with the same thing, and are only looking at them from different perspectives. If we really follow ONE direction in yoga as far as we can go, then it will lead us along ALL the paths of yoga".

We’re in this together! 

For examples of practices on different ends of the yoga spectrum, try Hot Yoga Detox Class by Julie Pelaez or Jackie Casal Mahrou’s remastered Gentle Hatha 1: Sweet Surrender.

Delving to a deeper level, we utilize Pranayama to refine our energetic patterns. Pranayama or breath control works from the inside out, just as asana works from the outside in to draw our polarities into equilibrium. Harness your prana or energy with Shy Sayar’s Mastering Balance.

Numerous channels called nadi flow through our bodies and provide the entrance and exit for energy. The Sushumna Nadi or the central channel running up the spinal column, and the Ida and Pingala Nadi are the three primary nadi we focus upon in our quest to free Prana from the base of the spine where kundalini energy resides and create an environment where it can freely flow through the Sushumna nadi.

Ida Nadi passes the left nostril, represented by Ha and the cool energy of the moon and Tha represents Pingala and the hot energy of the sun. The nadi meet at six points on the spine recognized as the Chakras. Through our practice of hatha yoga, including physical postures and breath work, we’re uniting the Ha and Tha Prana and balancing ourselves.

To create space in your spine for a strong Pranayama practice, try Neck, Shoulders & Back Therapy by Elise Fabricant.

Remember, we’re all heading in same direction—choose the path that resonates for you today!


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