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5 Tips for Your Home Yoga Practice

5 Tips for Your Home Yoga Practice

1. Create a space in your home or yard.

Devoting a space just for your practice will help you to stay focused while you are practicing. You don't have to make this space very large or even very pretty. In fact, it only needs to be as big as your yoga mat. Move any clutter aside so that you can minimize distractions. 

2. Plan for your practice.
Once you decide how often you want to practice, schedule time for it your calendar. This will help you stay consistent and committed to your practice. Even if it is just a 20 minute yoga session, plan for it so that you don't get pulled away or procrastinate practicing. 

3. Download a video or audio class from

Downloading or streaming a video or audio class is a great way to practice at home, while receiving proper instruction and guidance. There are a variety of videos and audio classes of all styles, levels, and lengths to choose from.

4.  Keep a journal.
After each practice write about how you feel, what you worked on that day, and what was coming up for you in your yoga practice. This will help you measure your progress, become inspired, and stay committed to growth.

5.  Let your inner teacher guide you.  
Whether you are listening or watching a class as you practice, as you listen to your external teacher be sure to honor your inner teacher.  Be careful not to push through postures, and be mindful enough to breathe deep as you stretch deep. Know that pain is your body telling you to back off... so listen.  

By - Jackie Casal Mahrou

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