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Move Your Asana at the Office

Move Your Asana at the Office

First, remind yourself how much your yoga practice benefits your mind, body, and spirit. How much quieting your mind and opening up your tight muscles increases your productivity and stimulates your creativity. Even ten to fifteen minutes of yoga, pranayama or meditation can positively impact you in your professional and personal life.

Universal complaints we hear from people who work at a desk and computer all day include: a tight upper back, stiff neck, cramped lower back and hips, and tension headaches. Also, foggy brain during a mid-afternoon slump can derail a large chunk of your day. Even if your job is more active, you can still suffer these symptoms along with sore knees and tired feet.

Here are a few yoga postures to practice in your office—all can be done in a chair.

*Seated Cat-cow: Press both feet firmly into the floor, hip distance apart. Place your hands on your thighs. Inhale, press your chest forward and arch your back. Exhale, round your shoulders forward, scoop your navel into your spine and allow your head to relax. Repeat 5-10 times.

*Lateral Stretch in chair: Sit straight in chair with both feet pressed firmly into the floor. Place your left hand on the edge of your chair next to your hip. Reach your right arm up and stretch toward the left until you feel a stretch from the armpit to the hip on your right side. Take 3 to 5 deep breaths here, opening up the side muscles. This will help create some space for the spine and relieve pressure on the back. Repeat on second side.

*Figure 4 seated: Sit straight in chair with both feet pressed firmly into the floor. Cross your left ankle over your right knee. (You may want to slip off your shoes first) Flex the left foot to protect your inner knee. Lean forward from the hips until you feel the stretch on the outer left hip. Breathe here for 30 seconds to 1 minute. Repeat second side.


Try these three simple poses whenever you need a quick break!

Check out Office Yoga classes to find out more ways to make time for a practice.


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