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Canvas of Writing and Yoga

Canvas of Writing and Yoga

There are a lot of lessons to be learned on our yoga mats and in our writing. In fact, both yoga and writing can be demystified as practices that embody a natural movement inward and beyond the mat. 

Unrestricted writing is the pathway into your intuitive wisdom and deepest desires

Everyone can express themselves in some color and form. You don’t have to be an artist to be creative. You don't have to be a wordsmith to be able to write. But it can be a challenge to unlearn what you were once taught is writing and dropping the idea of what is considered good writing. You are always capable of writing and by doing so without limit, you tap into a pure state of mind. Consider a kid and the natural relationship he or she has with the rest of the world; creating, feeling, experiencing as it comes without thinking of what things should be. There is so much power in tuning into the creative foundation of your unique being through writing. It leads to clarity of what YOU want (to write) and how you can manifest it with prudence.

Writing, movement and yoga as means of expression

"What lies before us and what lies behind us are small matters compared to what lies within us. And when you bring what is within out in the world, miracles happen" -Henry David Thoreau

A yoga mat and notebook become inspirational tools for your practice. A yoga flow invites you to create a canvas on which you explore and release energy. This creates a space of expression that is consonant with writing. It all starts with one thought, simply setting an intention or idea. Each word you write manifests another in a seamless flow of ideas in the same way that one breath syncs up to one movement. When you feel stuck in a rut (or writer's block), uninhibited flowing is key. Showing up to the space of fruition is what makes the practice so magical. That is, the key to any practice is continuing to tune into yourself and flourish in your self-exploration. The journey of discovering and sharing this is one that you can take through the marriage of writing and yoga.

At the core of a practice in writing and yoga is this: to be free

The secret to a life unbounded is to simply flow through movement and words. Showing up and doing your practice is the first step. Each time you step onto this canvas, you open yourself up to subtle yet profound shifts in who you are and what you think. Relating to this internal voice and buildling tenacity from each elusive word or pose is the special lesson. From time to time, you find connection to your infinite and are able to attract its likeness. Yoga and writing keeps you reflective, grounded and free. Self-knowledge, clarity and confidence might come easier to you during a savasana or a deep twist. The rest is an organic procession that is meant to uncover and celebrate your authentic and best self. 

Have you ever had moments of clarity and in depth understanding while doing yoga? 


By Sunny Koh

Sunny has been teaching yoga since 2011. After spending a couple years abroad as an English teacher, she started sharing her passion for yoga as a media manager and writer. Currently, she teaches and writes about yoga in Costa Rica. She also enjoys photography, learning new languages, surfing and exploring. To get to know Sunny better, find her on Instagram or go to

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