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Eating Clean

Eating Clean

Seriously, I have had friends on Avocado and Banana diets, low carb, high fat and protein diets, red meat diets, dairy diets, liquid diets and some are just plain starving themselves.

There is NO need for all of that.  Your body’s natural tendency is to find it’s natural weight…it’s equilibrium and I want to share with you a few tips that will help you cleanse your body, get healthy, get more energy and lose some weight.

So here’s my Clean Eating Tips for you…

Eat Smaller meals 4 to 6 small meals each day.  that helps your digestive system and increases your metabolism.
Don’t skip meals, especially breakfast – putting your body into starvation mode doesn’t help you in the long term.  It places stress on your organs and confuses your body which means it will slow down your metabolism.

Pile up the Veggies Don’t be scared of your veggies.  That is where all your vitamins, minerals and helpful nutrients are.  When you get your veggies you don’t need to add all those supplements either.  The health benefits of veggies are well documented.

Go Raw – the more we cook and process our foods the more of the goodness we lose.  When certain veggies are heated powerful enzymes are damaged, which means that many of the healthy benefits such as, anti-cancer compounds called glucosinolates, are reduced. We need to keep those babies in there.

Manage your fruit intake Yes fruit is good for you, but when we are eating too much fruit, it means our bodies are getting loaded with sugar.  Too much sugar is not a great thing, no matter the source.  Stick to low sugar fruits such as berries and add them to your food for awesome taste.

Skip the dairy Diary is proven to be inflammatory especially for those with immune issues, respiratory and sinus issues.  Most of the diary we find on the shelves today is packed with sugar and isn’t going to help your body be efficient.  Ever had a yogurt at lunch time and then felt the need to have a little nap afterwards?  That is the sugar spike kicking in.

Add healthy fats to your diet Healthy fats can actually lower the bad cholesterol in your body, help with the healthy hair and nails and also actually help you lose the extra pounds.  Good sources of healthy fats are Avocado’s, Nuts, Coconut Oil and Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Use Shakes For those of you who are busy and on the go, make yourself a healthy organic, non dairy shake that will help you make all your small meals, without the need of preparing.

Skip the snacks For those of you who love a snack, prepare yourself little bags of fruits, seeds and nuts that will help you avoid the snack temptation.  After you have skipped the sugar, processed foods, dairy and other bad carbs your body will stop the cravings in any case, so it will get easier.

Dump the White stuff - To be honest the best thing you can do is pass on the breads, pastas and many other processed options.  Chose healthier options like Quinoa, Buckwheat, Millet and if you’re crazy about bread there are some awesome almond and coconut flour recipes out there which are so good, and don’t have all the bad stuff in there.
Drink – Water should be your companion all day and everyday.  Also try adding a few drops of Citrus essential oils to your water for flavor and also try a cup of warm water with Lemon in the morning to help cleanse your body.

Well that should be enough to get you started and making a difference in your life.  If you’re ever in need of guidance then reach out and let me know.



About the Author:


Hayley Hobson is an author, speaker, Kick-A$$ Business Guru and 7-Figure MOM-treprenuer. She's passionate about empowering others to live the life of their dreams and is based in Boulder, CO. Hayley creates lifestyle transformations by coaching her clients to become the best WHOLE version of themselves possible.

She can be increasingly found speaking at many global Business events and is also a doTERRA Certified Oil Double Presidential Diamond. Her insights and articles can also be found on her personal blog, on Mindbodygreen, Positively Positive and Elephant Journal.

She has also been featured in Pilates Style magazine, Natural Health magazine, Bridal Magazine,Triathlete Magazine, doTERRA’s Leadership Magazine, the Four Year Career by Richard Bliss Brooks and the Network Marketing Times.

She is also creator on the online business mentorship training programs called Your Whole Biz, Social Downline and Whole MOM-trepreneur.

She has fun living, working and playing in the mountains with her husband, former world-ranked triathlete, Wes Hobson, and their two beautiful daughters, Makenna and Madeline.

To learn more about her programs and courses and events she's hosting, go to or follow her on Facebook or Twitter or Pinterest. Hayley's book, Hayley Hobson's Hip Guide To Creating A Sexy And Abundant Life is available at Amazon.

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