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Yoga for Being Snowed In

Yoga for Being Snowed In

While other people are putting together Netflix playlists, we’re putting together our favorite blizzard-bound yoga classes. Bookmark these for when the snow falls:

Yoga For Being Snowed In 

Heat Building
Stay warm enough to melt mashmallows. Brand new to YogaDownload, Power Yoga with Dave Farmar 3 is a challenging advanced class with plenty of inversions, arm balances and intensifications to build heat in your inner fire. 

Heart Opening
When the cold has you all closed in behind scarves, hoods and earmuffs, your heart will still be wide open. Channing Grivas’ Breaking the Heart Wide Open is a slow-paced class to bring balance to the body and let in the winter love. 

Snow Shoveling
You clear 10 feet of walkway and your body screams for 2 days.  Nothing beats Kylie Larson’s Upper Back & Shoulder Opening Flow for releasing tight muscles and getting those snow shoveling muscles warm and bendy. 

Cabin Fever
If you are feeling stressed, anxious, depressed or STUCK, April Laliberte’s Joy Infusion Meditation will help you break free. Even when you’re stuck in the house, your mind can wander and fulfill your creativity. 


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