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Yoga is the Exact Same as Football: The Proof

Yoga is the Exact Same as Football: The Proof

1. Lycra: Tight, stretchy football attire is the original yoga pant.

2. Starpower: What do Tom Brady, Russell Wilson, Ray Lewis, and Shiva Rea all have in common? They hit the mat to enhance their stamina, strength, flexibility and mental clarity.

3. Teachers: guidance through challenges, holds, gains, and whenever possible, avoiding the tendency to rush. Sound familiar? 

4. Presence: On the field and on the mat, we have to silence all doubt, spectators, and distractions. Going from play-to-play, detaching ourselves from fumbles and projections to see clearly. It’s no fantasy.

5. Breath and Balance: The QB takes that deep breath before throwing that game-winning pass. The wide receiver uses his core to stay in bounds. There’s fluidity in the practice of getting oxygen through the body, calming the nervous system and powering from the center.

6. Going Beyond Limits: What’s stopping you from achieving that first down? Are the linemen in your mind blocking your progress? The breakthrough isn’t always in the end zone – sometimes it’s at the line of scrimmage.

7. Touchdowns: No penalty for excessively celebrating the body’s achievements with final relaxation, Detroit Lion’s breath, and laughter –give some applause to the magnificent body, mind and spirit!

Are you ready for some football yoga? Our new Yoga for Football Players and other additions are designed to rev up your inner-athlete-attitude and support your mental and physical performance. We are all champiOMs.

Yoga is an ideal supplement to any sport! Be sure to check out our other Yoga for Athletes classes!

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