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The Stories We Tell Ourselves

The Stories We Tell Ourselves

Judgement of others and self judgement. It keeps us organized and civil. It keeps us going. It keeps us chasing the milestones like mice and cheese. Car, graduation, celebration, engagement, wedding, first home, first car, first car payment, first child, graduation, celebration...

Surrounded by people in a busy coffee shop I sit and observe. Fueling my curiosity. Quietly trying to make eye contact with as many people as possible. Why do we pass others with our heads down? For fear of connecting with another person? Fear of what, awkward eye contact? The moment passes, you nod, they nod, they walk away. We forget the encounter a moment later. 

Judgement fills our active brain space. What if they see me? What if they see through me? We are fearful of exposing the carefully pieced together mask that we present the world. Not a sequin out of place, not one misshapen eyelet. 

I am a student, I am a mother to one and grandmother to three, I am wealthy, I am a doctor, I am a high school athlete and belong at this table not that one, I fought in the war. This is how we define ourselves.

When we meet each other the first question we ask is, what do you do? We base the value of others on their occupation. You have one answer to make it in the club. One answer to make me trust you. 

The result of our frustration is being categorized so quickly by another person. We are more than our occupation, we are more than our family name, we are more than the countries we have visited, or the events of our past.

What is holding you back from living your bliss?

We are infinitely great and are capable of creating endless possibilities for ourselves. We are capable of choosing contentment. 

The only person holding you back is you. 

The only thing that is holding you back is how you define yourself. 

By Cicily Amrita

A life-long athlete, Cicily was introduced to the practice of yoga at a very young age. When she was eight years old, her grandmother began teaching at a small yoga studio in Grand Junction, Colorado. She practiced yoga and varsity dance in high school but did not begin to experience the power of a consistent practice until she left the nest and became a daily practitioner. She has been an avid student of yoga for over 10 years.

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