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My Manifesto

My Manifesto

 Eyes wide open

 I believe nobody knows you better than you but for the Self to be revealed one must be patient, steady, full of desire, bold, brave, ravenous, imaginative, and slightly mad. One must be above all else willing to be revealed. One must be willing and wanting to be known. I believe it is our job, and ours alone, to peel away the layers of the Self to discover the image, the person, the soul, that God sees and has always seen. Stripped naked. Slate wiped clean. Raw. Honest. Humble. Vulnerably exposed. In our exquisitely perfect imperfection!

Peeling away the layers
 I believe our spirits have been here before and will come back again. That our paths have been willingly carving us for lifetimes, that we may or may never remember; hungry to see the diverse landscapes and wonders of the world, thirsty to taste the rich flavors found in a spirit that has lived again and again and again. Do not fear what you cannot control. Enjoy what is right now held within the palm of your hands. Allow yourself to be bathed in this lifetime’s blessings, no matter how much or how little borrowed time you are given.  Enjoy it. Enjoy it. Enjoy it.

Found during this lifetime
 I believe in humanity. In our ability to love beyond our wildest dreams. And in the stolen hours or in the stolen days, some even experience a moment of love, a lifetime of love, as great and as beautiful as God envisioned on the day he realized he would create us in the image of love, out of love, because there truly is nothing greater or more intoxicating than LOVE. Put down your walls. Open yourself and your heart to love. This, my friends, is how you become free.

To set the Self free
 I believe that there is nothing as sacred as family and community. That the souls we are born from and into and surround ourselves with, vibrate alongside ours and help make this experience of embodiment come alive in ecstatic splendor.

In blissful celebration, so that I can...

Dance with delight as often as possible.  Play in the colors of my freedom to choose.  Laugh out loud.  Scream in the middle of silence.  Dig my hands into sand.  Dive into waves.  Get lost.  Allow myself to be found.  Be scared a lot.  Plant seeds and tend to them but do not worry if some seeds never break through.  Trust in the Universe.  Learn to let go of control.  Honor physical bodies as holy temples for spirits to grow and reside.  Dream always and never stop dreaming.  Do what I love.  Let my heart’s song be sung.  Feel the pulsation present in all things and all peoples.  Live in wonder.  Wander.  Accept my parents.  Accept myself.  Accept others.  Know it’s okay to be disappointed.  Forgive and let myself be forgiven.  Cry when I have boiled over with life’s blessings.  Live in gratitude.  Take risks that might make me experience loss or sadness or both.  Fight my way, at least once, out of the dark.  (* remember, if I haven’t been there in a while, I’m not fully living)  Learn to walk in another’s shoes.  Practice ahimsa, non-harming, in all ways.  Remember that being truthful doesn’t mean being hurtful.  Believe that I am, have been, or one day will be every character in the story.  Open my eyes and be blown away and blown open at least once every day.  Look at the moon and know the moon’s fullness to be my own.  Live as if the whole world is watching, without judgment, with only love.  Lead a life of integrity.  Do what I say I’m going to do or at least try.  Let my story be told.  Let it be big.  Hold nothing back.  Trust I’ll be back for more.  Leave imprints on the hearts of many.  Have children so that a part of me dances intimately with the spirit of my beloved and from that intimate commingling of souls a new spirit will be brought into this world.

Open every pore that is a part of me and FEEL, radically and greedily, FEEL.  Revel in silence.  Never be afraid of the dark.  Believe in the unknown.  Believe in the mystical and the mystery.  Have faith in something.  Only look back when I need to.  Honor the artist within all beings, including myself.  Begin now to paint the masterpiece that is my life.  Every so often hang it on a wall, step back and smile at the mastery found and seen when I recognize my gifts and share them with the world.  Hope for the best.  Believe in peace.  Be ready when it’s time.  Say all that my heart needs to say.  Hold nothing back.  Take the leap.  Step two feet in.  Let go of the bank of the river.  Trust I’ve learned along the way to swim.  Soften.  Open my heart.  Take it all in.  Be overcome with remembrance of everything – every face, every voice, every touch, every embrace, every color, every feeling, every expression, every love, every loss, every place I’ve ever been, every journey I’ve ever traveled, every moment of darkness, every time I fought my way back to the light, every death, every birth, every breath, every day – I remember it all.

I believe that this life is the GREATEST gift we’ll ever receive and I VOW to live every day as curiously, authentically, meaningfully and as freely as possible, as if it were the only one I was ever given… to making each and every one of them GREAT and to INSPIRING others to be courageous and bold enough to do the same.  This is my life’s mission!

What is your manifesto?

<strong style="font-family: verdana;"><br />
By Diane Sieg<br />
<img alt="" style="width: 128px; height: 168px;" src="/Portals/0/Images2/Blog%20Post%20Images/dianeheadshotblackwhitecropped.jpg" />&nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp;&nbsp;<br />
</strong><em style="font-family: arial;">With a career that has taken her from the chaos of the emergency room to the calm of her yoga mat,Diane Sieg first discovered yoga as a great source of physical and emotional healing during a personal crisis and has been practicing ever since. Today, as an Anusara-Inspired yoga teacher, professional speaker, published author, retreat facilitator and life-saving coach,  Diane empowers people to live their most authentic life, both on and off the mat. Her teaching style is a calm intensity with strong alignment based principles. Diane is the creator of <a href="">30 Days to Grace: A Daily Practice to Achieve Your Ultimate Goals</a>, both in CD and book format. Read more about Diane at <a href="" style="color: #7f397d;" target="_blank"></a>.<br />
<br />
</em>Classes from Diane Sieg coming soon! Start practicing with these yoga classes today:<br />
<br />
<a href="" style="color: #7f397d; font-family: verdana;" target="_self">Twisting Out Negativity and Doubt</a><span style="font-family: verdana;"> &ndash; Nancy Nielsen
<br />
<a href="" style="color: #7f397d; font-family: verdana;" target="_self">Restorative Yoga</a><span style="font-family: verdana;"> &nbsp;&ndash; Jackie Casal Mahrou</span><br />
<a href="" style="color: #7f397d; font-family: verdana;" target="_self">Yin Yoga</a><span style="font-family: verdana;"> &nbsp;&ndash; Elise Fabricant</span><br />
By Alex Cordoba

Alex Cordoba began practicing yoga in 2001 and from that very first class she fell in love. It was when on the mat that Alex felt truly at home. Like a voice is to a singer or a paintbrush to an artist, yoga became just that for Alex’s life…it was her muse through which to share her passion to the world. In Alex’s classes she weaves together yoga philosophy, asana, pranayama, laughter, messages to inspire and uplift so that she can offer a unique and creative journey to her students every time they come to the mat. She encourages her students to practice compassion and patience towards others and themselves, to invite breath in, to find laughter, humility, and grace on the mat, and to be open to the possibilities and the adventures that arise when one dances with uncertainty. Read more about Alex at

Classes from Alex Cordoba coming soon to YogaDownload! Start practicing today with these classes: 
Qi Yoga – Dawnelle Arthur
Restorative Yoga  – Jackie Casal Mahrou
Connect to the Pulsation  – Roger Martin Pressman

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