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Slow & Low, That’s the Tempo

Slow & Low, That’s the Tempo

“In an age of speed, I began to think, nothing could be more invigorating than going slow. In an age of distraction, nothing can feel more luxurious than paying attention.” – Pico Iyer

We’ve just survived another time change! In the Northern Hemisphere, we’re moving into Winter with shorter days and much, much longer nights. Even if you’re in the Southern Hemisphere and entering summer, you’ve experienced a change in nature, as well. We’re all connected to the earth and life flows along so much more smoothly when we align with the changes in season. Transitions are excellent moments to breathe and experience the shifts.

If you usually gravitate toward intense style yoga classes because you feel like you need more work, why not try something different! We promise that a slow flow class won’t be boring or effortless. Sometimes, slowing down is actually more challenging than powering through. When you practice slower styles of yoga, you can hit the pause button on your adrenal glands, which are your “fight or flight” mode and settle into a more serene mindset.

Slow Flow and Hatha and mindfulness practices are the perfect antidote when you’re stressed out. So many of us are busy “doing” all day long and slower yoga practices help us transition to relaxation. Take a moment to contemplate how much time you have to simply watch the sunset, play with your pets, read a book…Probably not enough! Sometimes we all need the reminder that life is a beautiful dance between yin and yang, rest and work, and softness and strength.

Rest is good! When we slow down, we open up the space to settle into our deeper thoughts and dreams. Creativity thrives when we’re sitting still, not when we’re running around. Pause, stop, step back and see how much more energy you can embody!

This week’s classes will help you restore your physical energy, your emotional energy and your mental energy. Go ahead, take time to slow down and find your own sense of flow and nourish yourself––you deserve it!

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