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Body and Mind Connection

Body and Mind Connection

“Health is a state of complete harmony of the body, mind and spirit.” B.K.S. Iyengar

Do you know that feeling, the one when your mind and body are working in perfect synergy? It’s in those moments you’re living fully in the present moment. Your thoughts and your actions are aligned and you’re the strongest version of yourself. This state of being is ideal but it takes practice and discipline to settle your busy brain.

You’ve probably heard the expression “quiet the monkey mind” in yoga. Visualize your mind as a windowless room with a troop of wild monkeys in play mode––zooming around, bouncing off the walls, babbling and distracting you from finding a sense of calm. If you allow the mindless chatter to take over, you’ll have a tough time finding your mind body connection.

In Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras, the entire philosophy of yoga begins with Sutra 1.2: citta vritti nirodaha or learning to direct the attention of your mind where you want it to go. Mind control isn’t a complete cessation of brain waves, it’s more of a taming. Teaching your personal troop of monkeys that being distracted all the time isn’t how you want to experience your life. On the yoga mat, this translates into focusing on what’s happening mentally while moving physically. Not just moving through a series of physical calisthenics but linking your breath to your movements and tuning into sensation.

The breath is the most powerful tool to create the link between your mind and your body. It’s the ultimate tool to help you tune out distractions and tune into how you are feeling in the moment. Whether you’re sweating through a dynamic Vinyasa flow or finding stillness in Yin class, a vital part of the practice is keeping your mind and body connected.

When you achieve sustain connection between your mind and body, it will help you master challenging physical postures because your mind is clear. Just as important? A strong supple body helps you remain pain free, so you sit for meditation with less distraction.

Our teachers understand how important it is to learn how to concentrate and quiet your mind while staying strong and flexible. Check out this week’s assortment of classes designed to help you find your deepest mind and body connection. 

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