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Yoga for a Healthy Body and Mind Connection

Yoga for a Healthy Body and Mind Connection

Whenever we step onto the yoga mat, we’re beginning the process of healing our bodies, our hearts, and our minds. These intertwined benefits serve to not just make us stronger and more flexible in tangible ways but also intangible ones. This week’s classes will invigorate and replenish your mind and leave you feeling more clear, calm, and happy

Through well-sequenced and planned classes focused on Pranayama (mindful breath work) and Asana (Physical postures), you’ll experience adjustments to your state of mind and create shifts in your perspective. We live in a world where many external events are out of our control and if we don’t work to keep our mental state balanced, we can internalize those events, causing stress and unhappiness. 

Yoga helps us to soothe our nervous system and move from a reactionary state toward a receptive state of being. When we practice yoga, we’re existing in the present moment, where we can learn to filter out all the things we cannot control. Each time you practice yoga, you’re a step closer to freeing yourself from external distractions.

In the Yoga Sutras, learning to control the mind is the foundation of the entire practice. Yoga Sutra 1.2 Citta Vritti Nirodhah is often translated as: Yoga is the ability to direct the mind without distraction or interruption. When your mind is clearer and more focused, you’re operating at your strongest, most optimum level. The more you practice, the more powerful your control over your own thoughts becomes. 

If you’re dealing with insomnia, general anxiety, or depressive thoughts, yoga can help. Think about how you feel during savasana after a satisfying practice where you were truly present. That intangible joy and calm has the power to expand into the remaining hours in your day. When you learn to quiet your mind and focus the direction of your thoughts, you’ll discover a sense of balance and be able to handle whatever the world throws at you.

This week’s classes emphasize developing your healthiest mindset. In addition to classes created to awaken your spirit and alter your perception, we’ve excited for you to check out a Kemetic yoga class with African roots that will connect you to your higher intelligence. Here’s to feeling your best––inside and out! 

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