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Want Happiness? Focus on Solutions, More than Your Problems

Want Happiness? Focus on Solutions, More than Your Problems

Want to feel like life is easy and good? Then focus on feeling that way, right now, more than anything else that might seem in the way of it.

While it is easy to focus on one's shortcomings, like anxiety, depression, and things that may feel real and impossible to overcome, the truth is we will never overcome any problem by focusing on it. Where the attention goes, the energy flows. 

Sure, it might be easy for someone not experiencing any specific issue to say, 'just ignore it', but on some level, we all have the power to choose what we focus on.

This is particularly true in how we treat ourselves. If you repeat stories of why you're no good or less than, remember that you can think of yourself as a confident and strong person, and over time, become just that.

Take a moment, and take a deep breath.

After you’ve done that, think about what the opposite of any of your struggles and worries would feel like for you. What would really that feel like? Focus on and allow your imagination to explore what your energy would be like without any anxiety or inner tension.

Likely, you’ll see yourself as relaxed, peaceful, and easy-going. There might be some other qualities that emerge. Confidence is a common quality of someone who is calm and centered and not second-guessing their every move.

I want you to stay in this focus on what you look and feel like as a peaceful, non-anxious, and happy and confident person. How would your life be different? Let your mind go here, and stay here in this fantasy for a few more deep breaths. Simply enjoy it.

When you return to reading this article, remember, you have the power to reprogram your mind and create this reality you just envisioned through meditation techniques.

Regardless if you struggle with anxiety, depression, money stress, or relationship disharmony, you are never going to solve any of these or anything else, by solely fixating on these problems. You are only going to solve any situation, but focusing on its opposite, which is the solution you desire, aka feeling good.

So next time you want to complain, or feel stuck in any way, instead, see if you can find the awareness to focus on what you would do if you embodied the most confident, loving, calm, and centered version of yourself.

Envision the vision, and you can live it. The rewards of putting the focus on how you perceive and see yourself are real and powerful. You have the power to be a confident, humble, and powerful person. Focus on this more than anything else you may dislike about yourself, and these qualities will emerge and you will realize that your mind creates your reality

By Nicki Mateo

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