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Planning for a Successful 2023

Planning for a Successful 2023

While you’re reflecting on everything that’s happened over the past year, you can start to think about the things you are grateful for, maybe making a list. Gratitude can help to increase your life satisfaction, as well as help you feel more positive. It can help you to feel more positive about the year ahead, and help you to feel excited too!

Clear out your space

It’s good to get rid of the old, to make way for the new. Take in your space, and all the ‘stuff’ you’ve accumulated over the past year and get rid of anything you no longer need. Old paperwork, clothes you don’t wear, even old food in your pantry. This will help you to enter the new year feeling lighter. This includes your devices too! Delete old photos, messages and emails to create space for new things to come along.

List your goals

Once you’ve gotten rid of the old, it’s helpful to take time to write down your goals for the new year. Yes, new year's resolutions are hard to stick to, but writing them down is a simple way to help you keep them. And writing down goals is also a great way to stay focused on the year ahead. Try to break your goals up into small and manageable chunks to help you achieve them.

Make a schedule

Planning your time is a great way to make sure you’re successful in your new year goals and can help you achieve everything you want to. Start by creating a general schedule for the year ahead as you prepare, which you can then change based on the month, week or day, depending on your plans and responsibilities. Scheduling doesn’t sound fun, but it can allow you to see when you have time to have fun! Schedule fun activities as well as work commitments, to keep balance in your life and avoid burnout in 2023.

Create a budget plan

Having goals and the time to achieve them is great, but you also need the money. Not just for essentials, but for the fun things in life like holidays and hobbies. For times when you feel there's just not enough money in the bank, a budget is essential. Using your money wisely each month can help you to reduce financial stress and anxiety, as you know exactly how much you need each month. This peace of mind can also help you keep your goals realistic financially, avoiding you overextending yourself.

Get a savings plan

Once you have a budget, you should consider pulling together a savings plan for any big-budget things that come up in the year ahead. Taking your savings seriously can help you to make some of your dreams a reality. A savings plan is great for things like holidays, new furniture, even a new house or moving cities!

Make a list of your dreams

Finally, make a list of any dreams you have for the next year. These are different from goals, as they are the things you want to do but maybe don’t have the time or the confidence. Dreams are important as they’re a massive source of inspiration for everything we do in our lives. If you’re working towards your dreams, your day-to-day tasks will be easier. Once you’ve listed your dreams out, pick one or two to tackle in the new year, using the steps above to help you achieve them.

So, instead of being overwhelmed with things you didn't achieve in 2022, think positively about 2023 and start the new year with a sense of purpose and more importantly - a plan!

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