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Yoga Classes of the Yama Aparigraha: Non-greed

Yoga Classes of the Yama Aparigraha: Non-greed

Aparigraha is about non-attachment. This is not a vow to live in poverty, but more of an invitation to be satisfied with what you have and avoid excess and perpetual dissatisfaction. There is abundance in the spirit of Aparigraha. A person with a lot of money who steals from others and is constantly worried about not having enough is not really rich in the truest sense of the word. 

Yoga teaches us that our greatest satisfaction comes from within. In many modern societies, there is tremendous emphasis on acquiring more and more trappings of excess materialism. Having nice things and living comfortably is wonderful, and Aparigraha isn’t about denying ourselves the nice things in life - but about not becoming greedy. 

On the yoga mat, this non-attachment shows up in how we treat the practice. If you’re striving to be better than the person on the mat next to you, you’ve likely lost sight of why you love yoga and why you came to practice in the first place. It’s about going inwards and connecting deeply to yourself. 

Here are yoga classes that inspire the spirit of Aparigraha!

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