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Good Morning! Yoga for a Great Day Ahead!

Good Morning! Yoga for a Great Day Ahead!

If you want to experience your best day possible each and every day, choose to begin your morning with yoga. Unrolling your yoga mat in the morning empowers you to create and maintain a positive mindset regardless of what your schedule entails. Root canal at the dentist? No problem. Annual review with your evil boss? Those “helpful” comments will roll right off your back. 

One of the greatest benefits of a regular yoga practice is that it helps us pause before reacting to external stimuli. We don’t have control over many external events, but we can learn control over how we handle challenging situations. You’ll have a powerful foundation for the day to be your strongest, most positive self and avoid being drawn into drama caused by snap reactions. Practicing yoga in the morning clears your mind, soothes your emotions, and warms and opens your body.

On the physical level, morning yoga boosts your energy levels and strengthens your muscles and bones. Practicing first thing in the morning boosts digestion and circulation, which enhances your immune system. Twists and forward folds massage your internal organs, releasing stagnant energy that may have accumulated overnight. Maybe you’ll feel so light and energized you’ll be able to minimize or eliminate caffeine if that’s something you rely on to be alert. 

You also ensure you get your yoga in before the day gets away from you or other obligations arise. We cannot show up fully for others in our life, be it professionally or personally unless we are taking care of ourselves first. Look at stepping onto your mat first thing as your act of self-care and a way to fill your own well. By practicing yoga in the morning, you ensure you won’t miss the chance to be your strongest, most balanced self all day long. 

Go ahead and set your alarm and see for yourself how great you feel! This week’s classes are designed for an early practice and will have you feeling open, inspired, and ready for a fantastic day.

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