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Simple Fixes for Summertime Itches

Simple Fixes for Summertime Itches

I hate poison ivy. On my 40th birthday, I woke up with it and wound up in the hospital begging for cortisone shots.

I hate being uncomfortable. I hate being too hot, too cold, too sunburned, too itchy, and summer is the worst time for all of it, with all the bugs, going to the pool or beach, air conditioned buildings.

I will do ANYTHING to avoid being itchy. Here are some suggestions to help get you and your skin through the summer in one piece.

Sunscreen – I use sunscreen whenever I go outside, whether I’m going to be out running or just running to the grocery store, if my skin is exposed to the sun, I spray on some sunscreen before I go.

For Sunburns – Unfortunately, the best intentions with sunscreen don’t always pan out. I recommend aloe gel to soothe sunburns. You could even keep an aloe plant growing and break off leaves as you need them (great for kitchen burns too, by the way) Peppermint oil is also very soothing and cooling. Add a few drops to a spray bottle full of water to spray yourself.

For Dry Skin – Truly, hydration is the key here. Make sure you’re drinking enough fluids. Sleep is also really important for your skin, so make sure you’re getting enough sleep every day. And of course, keep feeding your skin a good, natural moisturizer. {Are there ingredients they should look for to consider it ‘good’?} Coconut oil is a great option. Apply it, or any body oil, as soon as you’ve finished a shower as soap and hot water can be very drying for your skin, and the water already on your skin will help the oil to soak into your skin.

For Bug Bites – A few drops of lavender in a spray bottle of water will soothe bug bites. Melaleuca or tea tree oil applied directly to the bite will also calm the itching.

For Poison Ivy – You obviously want to get the oils away from you as quickly as you can and scrub them off of your body to avoid rash, but if you’re too late for all that oatmeal, lavender peppermint, frankincense, myrrh, and jewelweed are all great for soothing itchy, inflamed skin.

Keep some peppermint leaves in the freezer to apply to sunburns or bug bites.

I’ve just shared some great tips to help keep your skin hydrated and soothed through the summer months. What are your natural remedies for itchy skin during the summer? Share them with me on Facebook.

XO Hayley

Previously published on Mind Body Green and Hayley's Blog.

By Hayley Hobson

With her unique specialization in the combination and complement of pilates, nutrition and yoga, Hayley offers a cocktail of lifestyle changes that produce real and lasting results. Hayley is a columnist for Elephant Journal and has been featured in Pilates Style Magazine, Natural Health Magazine and Triathlete Magazine. She currently lives in Boulder, CO with her husband, former world-ranked triathlete, Wes Hobson and their two beautiful daughters, Makenna and Madeline. Read more about Hayley and check out her new book at

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