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1-Week Meditation Immersion with Keith Allen

1-Week Meditation Immersion with Keith Allen

What do Lady Gaga, Lebron James, and Paul McCartney have in common? They are all dedicated to daily meditation and expound on the positive effects it has on not just their careers but on their entire lives. You don’t need to be a superstar to benefit from a daily meditation practice, but you might feel like one after you immerse yourself in this 1-Week program with popular YogaDownload instructor Keith Allen.

If you’ve tried to meditate and given up in frustration after a few weeks, or days, or even minutes, you aren’t alone. Learning to meditate isn’t easy but it’s worth the effort. Your guide through this week's meditation program, Keith Allen, says, “Meditation is something that becomes easier and more enjoyable the more you practice it, even if it seems impossible and hard at first. It's also something that one benefits from, from not trying too hard to be good at it.”

A common misconception about meditation is that you’re trying to stop your thoughts. Absolutely not! You don’t want a blank slate, but you want to learn to filter out distractions and repetitive thoughts that prevent you from feeling clear and focused. Once you learn to quiet the chatter, you begin to move toward the life you wish to manifest. 

Meditation is the ability to direct the mind without distraction or interruption as defined in Yoga Sutra 1.2 Citta Vritti Nirdohaha. When we practice the discipline of consciously shutting out the negative thoughts and external interruptions, our mind quiets and stills. In that stillness, clarity can expand. What we focus on expands, so discover what you truly desire and direct your attention toward it, with energy and intention.

Whether you’re trying meditation for the first time or the hundredth, this collection of 6 diverse and accessible classes for all levels will help you establish a daily meditation habit. What’s great is you can meditate for as few as five minutes and still garner all the benefits of this ancient practice. Commit to creating a more peaceful, focused, and happy mindset––just press play! 


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