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1-Week Meditation Immersion w/ Keith Allen

Ready to find a sense of centeredness? This one-week meditation immersion is ideal for anyone who wants to create a consistent meditation practice and increase their well-being in the process. There are several different techniques used in this program, all with a unique set of benefits that include increasing your focus and creating calm in your mind.

In one week, you can begin to instill meditation as a daily habit and start to experience its profound benefits. Daily meditation has been shown to decrease stress, increase concentration, reduce anxiety, help overcome addictions, improve sleep, decrease pain, and many more. These are worthwhile benefits of meditation, and to experience them, you only need to dedicate a short amount of time each day, to sitting still and going inward. This program makes it easy to both find the approach to meditation that is best for you and the framework to do it consistently.

There are 6 guided meditation classes, of various lengths and styles. The classes in this program gradually increase in length, as your ability to sit in meditation for longer amounts of time, will increase each day. At first, you'll start with a 5-minute sitting practice, and gradually build towards a 35-minute session. To conclude the program on the 7th day, you are invited to repeat the class and technique that you enjoyed the most, to start to make it a regular practice. This program is suitable for all levels, whether you've never meditated in your life, or if you've got lots of experience and want more consistency in your practice.

There are many ways to approach seated meditation, and you'll explore techniques that include a focus on breath, chakra meditation, visualization exercises, body scanning meditation, and a heart-drishti meditation.

This program is led by Keith Allen who is a yoga and meditation instructor on YogaDownload. He signed up for an elective meditation class at Boston University when he was 19 and fell in love with the practice instantly. The biggest influence in his meditation practice has been S.N. Goenka's Vipassana meditation technique.

  • Anyone and everyone
  • All levels of experience, including absolute meditation beginners and advanced practitioners
  • Anyone who wants to increase calm and focus

  • Six meditation classes of varying styles
  • Guided meditations that range from 5-35 minutes
  • The knowledge and foundation for a consistent meditation practice


Full Program
1-Week Meditation Immersion
$ 18.00
$ 18.00
Program Items
5-Minute Meditation This practice is calming, enjoyable, and accessible for all levels, even those new to meditation - in 5 minutes you'll feel refreshed and rejuvenated.
Manifestation & Visualization Meditation This all levels meditation is simple, accessible, fun and takes you into a visualization of your ideal life.
Meditation: Heart-Focused In this meditation practice, suitable for beginners, we'll simply rest our consciousness, breath and pay attention to the space of the heart.
Meditate & Cultivate Calm This 15-minute meditation is ideal for everyone from beginners to advanced meditators, with an emphasis on enjoying the process, not getting caught up on doing meditation correctly, and staying connected to your breath.
Body & Mind Relaxation Meditation This practice, With elements from Vipasana meditation, uses a technique that focuses on relaxing your physical body, and in the process, relaxing your mind.
Meditation for All Seven Chakras This is a longer meditation that can be done sitting upright or laying down, is an excellent meditation to challenge yourself to meditate for longer periods of time.