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Summer Coleslaw

Summer Coleslaw

It’s said that we “eat with our eyes first” and this salad is truly a summertime feast for the senses! A colorful plate, besides being beautiful, also reminds us of another key cleanse principle: nutrient density! This salad is overflowing with antioxidants and anti-inflammatory vitamins, such as the bone building vitamin K and the immune boosting vitamin C. And if that wasn’t enough, this salad is great for the gut! Fresh asparagus contains a large amount of inulin, a type of dietary fiber, which happens to be a favorite food for beneficial intestinal bacteria. Parsley too is packed with L-glutamine, an amino acid that is key to GI repair and strength. Wow! Please pass the salad!

The other thing we adore about this salad is its versatility. The recipe is large enough to feed a crowd at a potluck or summer BBQ. It’s also a tasty way to add color and crunch to a Spicy Black Bean or Bison Burger. Have you tried our Millet Buddha Bowl yet? This salad would be a brilliant substitute for the plain cucumber and cabbage.

Since the walnuts in this recipe are optional, this is the perfect recipe to illustrate how easy it is to adapt recipes to fit within the food combining guidelines. Simply omit the nuts if serving atop or along side an animal protein or non-gluten grain.

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    Julie Peláez and Jo Schaalman

Jo Schaalman and Julie Peláez are co-authors of the book The Conscious Cleanse: Lose Weight, Heal Your Body, and Transform Your Life in 14 Days, a best-selling, step-by-step guide to help you live your most vibrant life. Together they've lead thousands of people through their online supported cleanse through their accessible and light-hearted approach. They've been dubbed “the real deal” by founder and chief creative director Bobbi Brown, of Bobbi Brown Cosmetics, beauty editor of the TODAY show. 

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